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Sabfoil Leviathan - Premium Ride Store

Configure your Sabfoil Leviathan Pump Foil Kit

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sabfoil Leviathan pump foil kits

Pump foil Kit Sabfoil Leviathan

This hydrofoil set is a must-have for anyone looking to practice pump foil in very low wind conditions. The incredible efficiency makes it perfect also for flat water conditions and stand-up paddling.

Front Wings
For a more versatile configuration, also usable for freeride wing foiling in light wind or downwind in small swells, opt for the plane with the WL950/PF front wing. The WL1150/PF can also be suitable in this case for less experienced riders.

The WL1350/PF front wing is the must in dock start thanks to its great lift, it is the perfect configuration to cover a maximum distance with the least possible effort. For even greater ease or for first-time pumping beginners, opt for the WL1550/PF. This one is also very effective in SUP foiling and allows paddle flat-starts.

The S370/PF stabilizer has a flat profile, its strong point is maneuverability, while the S430/PF stabilizer with a "gullwing" profile offers more control and stability.

The M73PLK and M83PLK special pumping masts offer extreme stiffness, thus reducing torsion for more control when pumping. A longer mast will allow you to fly higher and therefore benefit from a greater pumping amplitude. A shorter mast is ideal for shallow waters or beach starts.

The large size of the front wings from WL1150 up, makes this set unsuitable for jumps and freestyle.


WL950/PF, WL1150/PF, WL1350/PF or WL1550/PF
S370/PF or S430/PF
F663K or F703K
Bag and Q02K quick-release system included.

Front Wings

WL950/PF WL1150/PF WL1350/PF WL1550/PF
Span 950 mm 1150 mm 1350 mm 1550 mm
Surface 1300 cm2 1580 cm2 1870 cm2 2140 cm2
Volume 1728 cm3 2071 cm3 2423 cm3 2757 cm3
Ratio 6,68 8,37 9,75 11,30
Root Chord 170 mm 170 mm 170 mm 170 mm
Max. Thick. 22,9 mm 22,9 mm 22,9 mm 22,9 mm
Weight 1230 g 1383 g 1530 g 2062 g


S370/PF S430/PF
Profile Plat Gullwing
Span 370 mm 430 mm
Surface 195 cm2 240 cm2
Volume 85 cm3 102 cm3
Ratio 7,00 7.70
Root Chord 67.5 mm 68 mm
Max. Thick. 7.3 mm 7.5 mm
Weight 121 g 109 g


Sabfoil is a 100% Made in Italy brand with more than 30 years of experience in the use of advanced composite materials that designs, develops, manufactures and markets carbon foils since 2015. The know-how acquired through practice and continuous learning represents a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities, through which they have achieved today's results. All this, combined with the great passion for their work, has allowed them to create a complete selection of foils for riders around the world.

Sabfoil has managed to attract some of the best riders in the world like Balz Müller, Nicolo Spanu and allowed Maddalena Spanu to become world champion in wing foil racing. Sabfoil was also voted best foil brand 2023 in the annual TotalWing poll.

Testimonies from Google

Super gear! I needed an ultra light and thin board with some scoop for salvaging touch and go. Thanks to Voga, I found what I needed.

-Sylvain M. - Montpellier

I had the opportunity to try the light wind board during an event organized by the Dock & Wing Foil Club Almanarre. Despite the high volume (90l), the board provides exceptional handling, it's compact and the volume is perfectly balanced for fast take-off.

- Fanny A. - Breizh

Tested behind a Mastercraft X-Star. The board is like a scalpel, incredible stiffness! Handling provides an immediate response. Our playground just took on another level! Great gear!

- Thomas H. - Metz

Very happy with my pump foil board thanks to its stiffness and design! I also tested the 90l wing foil board which provides easy take-off and lots of fun to downwind.

- Mickaël R. - Belfaux, CH

Anthony is super, listens to the client and provides good advice. The dock boards are amazing! Super light and look great! 100% Made in France is a definite plus.

- Augustin G. - Anglet

Super board for dock start made custom ultra light. Thank you Voga, I'm proud of my board!

- Victor V. - Hyères