PPC M1 Dyneema Wing Foil Sail


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ppc wing foil wings

PPC M1 Wing Foil Sail

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ppc M1 dyneema wing foil wing

PPC M1 Dyneema Wing

It’s apparent from the first moment you sheet in. The precise, responsive pump, the instant power delivery. On the foil before you know it and flying. But it’s not just the speed. It’s the feeling through your hands. Precise, smooth, like a refined blade.

You look up when a gust hits and the aerofoil remains perfect. No distortion, just a smooth even twist helping you convert the extra power into speed. Turning upwind is a genuine shock and awe moment. Height, speed and control like you’ve never experienced before.

First tack. Easy. Nicely gripped handle overhead. No flapping or fluttering, perfectly balanced. Sheet in on the other tack and you’ve barely slowed down, power on tap. Gybing is just as precise.

Downwind the M1 wing is weightless, yet you’re flying even at the lowest of angles. With the smooth power delivery somehow your foil feels more stable as you slice through the bumps. You feel confident to push harder than you ever have before.

Later you try a jump. Your new-found power translates into more lift, more elevation and yet a softer landing. Back at the beach. Exhilarated, you realize the M1 wing represents a monumental shift for wing foiling performance.

Inclded :
Rigid handles
Repair kit

ppc m1


Dyneema® Composite Fabric performance frame:

  • 20% reduction in Leading Edge diameter = higher efficiency, less drag
  • 30% higher pressure = stiffer, rigid, more aerodynamic frame
  • Ultra-lightweight fabric (made of flexible non-woven composite laminates which are reinforced with Dyneema ® fibres).
  • 15x stronger than steel (provides the highest tear and tensile strength of any competing fabric on a weight-by-weight and thickness basis).
  • 100% Waterproof – doesn’t increase in weight when in use
  • For riders that demand high-performance and the absolute best in ultra-lightweight, waterproof fabric.
  • Custom PPC canopy material features 20% less stretch which provides not only more direct power and rider response but also increased durability and longevity
  • Loading-orientated radial panel layout
  • Sleek, single-molded full stiff yet lightweight carbon handles allow greater control and ease through maneuvers
  • Ergonomic design – reduces forearm strain & allows you to foil for longer with improved comfort
  • High pressure SUP valve with easy twist in/out universal valve
  • Dyneema shock cord with improved swivel, comfort neoprene and custom wrist strap.
These features combined with our slim design = a significant increase in balance, allowing you to progress faster, fly higher & go faster.


Span Chord Weight Range (60-80kg) Range (80kg+)
3m² 2.63m 1.5m 2.08kg >25kt >30kt
4m² 3m 2.84m 2.48kg 15-27kt 20-32kt
5m² 3.35m 2.06m 2.8kg 10-25kt 15-30kt
6m² 3.54m 2.37m 3.12kg 10-20kt 12-25kt
6.5m² __ __ __ 8-15kt 10-20kt

Welcome to PPC, where passion for the ocean meets innovation in water sports!

Kiwi founder, Sam Loader, fueled by a lifelong love for the sea, has been immersed in aquatic pursuits in New Zealand since childhood. From surfing and sailing to shaping and constructing boards, Sam's journey led him to Sacramento, California, where he ran a successful Surf and Stand Up Paddleboard company.

In 2013, Sam returned to New Zealand, importing then designing Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) and opening his first retail shop in Christchurch. Witnessing the rise of foiling in 2016, he delved into this exhilarating water sport, eventually founding PPC and opening a retail shop in Auckland in 2017 with his wife Cate. Originally focused on SUPs, Sam quickly pivoted towards designing and selling foiling equipment as the sport gained momentum.

The turning point came with the introduction of wings, a game-changer in foiling. Sam, driven by his passion and belief, dedicated months to designing PPC's first wing, earning acclaim from SUP Boarder Magazine. Guided by his instincts and aided by advanced software, Sam ensures PPC products offer a top-tier experience for water sports enthusiasts.

The pinnacle of this dediation is the PPC M1 Wing, released in 2023, heralded as a performance game-changer. Sam's commitment extends beyond performance; he understands the significance of a durable, long-lasting product in a high-priced sport. To achieve this, PPC engages in extensive prototyping and testing, selecting materials that prioritize both performance and longevity.

Testimonies from Google

Super gear! I needed an ultra light and thin board with some scoop for salvaging touch and go. Thanks to Voga, I found what I needed.

-Sylvain M. - Montpellier

I had the opportunity to try the light wind board during an event organized by the Dock & Wing Foil Club Almanarre. Despite the high volume (90l), the board provides exceptional handling, it's compact and the volume is perfectly balanced for fast take-off.

- Fanny A. - Breizh

Tested behind a Mastercraft X-Star. The board is like a scalpel, incredible stiffness! Handling provides an immediate response. Our playground just took on another level! Great gear!

- Thomas H. - Metz

Very happy with my pump foil board thanks to its stiffness and design! I also tested the 90l wing foil board which provides easy take-off and lots of fun to downwind.

- Mickaël R. - Belfaux, CH

Anthony is super, listens to the client and provides good advice. The dock boards are amazing! Super light and look great! 100% Made in France is a definite plus.

- Augustin G. - Anglet

Super board for dock start made custom ultra light. Thank you Voga, I'm proud of my board!

- Victor V. - Hyères