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The Brand

Voga Marine one hundred pump foil board

Pump Foil Board Voga Marine One Hundred

Please contact us for shipping outside EU, we'll figure it out.
Our boards are all available in full custom shapes, sizes and finishes according to your tastes, your favorite spot, your program and your progress objective. For tailored advice, do not hesitate to contact us by email, telephone or Whatsapp.

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voga marine one hundred dock foil

Voga Marine One Hundred

We have been perfecting the One Hundred since 2021 when Voga Foil Boards took on the challenge to produce the first ever series pump foil board on the market.

Enjoy super efficient pumping thanks to our ultra stiff unique carbon infused build with a high density PET core. The One Hundred Dock foil board is the stiffest out there even with a thickness of 15mm for a better grip when launching and a nice front rocker to help recovery. This board for dock start was developed and tested in collaboration with Seatech Engineering School in Toulon, France to obtain the best performance ratios.

This dock start board is suitable for aspiring riders as well as experts seeking to beat records.

Materials: Carbon fiber, West System© biosourced epoxy, PET core, upcycled Airbus© carbon fibers, Map Yachting© boat varnish.
Colors available: Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Green, Pink, Carbon Finish, Custom Color.
Full customization available. Please allow 24h to get back to you with a design proposal.
Single size (cm): 100 x 44,4 x 5,5L
Lead time 4-6 weeks depending on production schedule.
Board sold alone, stainless screw set included.

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The Shape

The One Hundred model, the first dedicated pump foil board and the stiffest on the market. This board has been perfected for the dock start with the help of engineers from Seatech, University of Toulon for exceptional performance ratios.

A vacuum infusion construction and a unique combination of materials reinforced with Airbus carbon, normally used to hold the wings of airliners, allows for an extremely stiff board despite only 15 mm in thickness making it easier to grip.

Its front rocker allows you to save the touch and go even with a negligible amount of volume.

The One Hundred has proven itself throughout Europe. No structural breakage even with heavyweight riders.

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Internal Structure
Molded Full Carbon Infusion

Voga Marine planches en full carbone infusion sous vide
A PET foam core
Best resistance to fatigue, made from recycled plastic
B Carbon fabric
Outer skin, 1 layer all-round
C Airbus© Carbon reinforcements
2 layers of 1000g/m² quad carbon, ucycled from Airbus©, normally used to hold the wings of airliners
D Internal structural beam
PET core with 4 layers of carbon fabric
E EVA traction pad
Custom cut by local partners, available in black, white, red, blue, green
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Your Local Brand Since 2020

Voga Marine started with an encounter between Anthony, a young entrepreneur and sea lover with a strong sense of aesthetics and Frederic with more than 20 years of experience in marine shipyards and building prototypes and shapes for riders and major brands. He is a true passionate of hull design and composite materials with a natural inclination for bio-sourced materials. Both share a certain taste of challenge and performance. Based in a completely rehabilitated workshop halfway between Brutal Beach and Almanarre, two world renowned Mediterranean riding spots, Voga was a slightly crazy gamble at the start.

In response to all the mass produced boards out there, which are pushed to customers to ensure stock clearance through mass marketing, Voga Marine boards meet the demands of riders and the latest advances in our emerging water sports.

Voga, your Mediterranean brand, offers a local alternative for boards that are designed and actually manufactured in France and that use the most advanced technologies. Our approach is intended to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We use the best local know-how through lasting partnerships.

Voga designs and manufactures custom boards that meet specific needs, but also small series boards. No overstock, a fair price and tailored service. We are at your disposal to offer you the board or combo perfectly suited to your needs.

An Alternative Model for a Cleaner Future

From the start, Voga seeks to reduce its environmental impact during manufacturing. In addition to the fact that our boards do not travel halfway around the globe, we integrate natural materials such as volcanic basalt fiber and PET cores, a highly technical recyclable foam obtained from recycled plastic.

We were also among the first to use reused Airbus© carbon fabrics. These fabrics, which are normally used to hold the wings of airliners, reinforce our boards and secure your foil rig with our inhouse full-carbon US box rails.

We will strengthen these initiatives. Voga Marine joined the CEDRE Ambition Region Sud community in December 2023 after several months of support with a CSR expert (Corporate Social Responsibility). This is a local public incentive to support small companies in their CSR development. As of today, this support is renewed for a period of three years. Three areas of work constitute our CSR strategy to reduce the impact of our boards over the entire life cycle. The result will be eco-responsible processes modeled on the ISO 26000 standard and concrete data on which to measure the performance of Voga Marine in its positive impact on the environment and the community. 

Testimonies from Google

Super gear! I needed an ultra light and thin board with some scoop for salvaging touch and go. Thanks to Voga, I found what I needed.

-Sylvain M. - Montpellier

I had the opportunity to try the light wind board during an event organized by the Dock & Wing Foil Club Almanarre. Despite the high volume (90l), the board provides exceptional handling, it's compact and the volume is perfectly balanced for fast take-off.

- Fanny A. - Breizh

Tested behind a Mastercraft X-Star. The board is like a scalpel, incredible stiffness! Handling provides an immediate response. Our playground just took on another level! Great gear!

- Thomas H. - Metz

Very happy with my pump foil board thanks to its stiffness and design! I also tested the 90l wing foil board which provides easy take-off and lots of fun to downwind.

- Mickaël R. - Belfaux, CH

Anthony is super, listens to the client and provides good advice. The dock boards are amazing! Super light and look great! 100% Made in France is a definite plus.

- Augustin G. - Anglet

Super board for dock start made custom ultra light. Thank you Voga, I'm proud of my board!

- Victor V. - Hyères