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Axis spitfire - Premium Ride Store

Axis Spitfire Front Wings for Surf Foiling

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We work closely with our pro-riders and with those of our partner brands to offer the best combos adapted to your specific needs. For more detailed recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or Whatsapp.

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Axis Spitfire Surf Foil Front Wings

Imagine a dedicated surf foiling wing, that lets you foil waves like a surfer would. If you’ve been dreaming of an effortless turning wing, that inspires confidence when dropping in, that has a gentle, predictable easy lift up onto foil. A foil that not only handles breaches but encourages them. No wave is the same, sometimes you need a turn of speed, and on another, you need to slow right down but stay on foil. A wing you can just forget about and get on with the business of enjoying yourself. Of course, that wing has to be capable of pumping you back out to do it all again and again. The wait is over, meet the AXIS Spitfire.

You’ll recognise it by its distinctive elliptical outline, straight median line and lack of aggressive turndown through the tips. Moderate chord lengths, that taper smoothly from the centre to the tips, encourage smooth, predictable but precise turning. Reduced foil thickness for enhanced top end to compliment the greater chords providing easy low end.
Many of these attributes are shared by the ARTPRO Range of wings, and in fact much of what we learned in the development of that line fed into the Spitfire’s make-up.

Through the development process, we put the Spitfire through its paces. The smaller sizes are fast with explosive turning. The larger sizes are great for smaller spots and larger riders. The Spitfires are versatile front wings, able to ride waves or flat water across prone, SUP, winging, wake, downwind, lake pumping and kite foiling disciplines. They do it all.

Spitfire foils are ideally matched with our Black Advance fuselage and Progressive or Skinny rear wing ranges.

The Spitfire 1180 is a great wing for those getting into down-winding. It doesn’t need to run as fast as the ART PRO 1201 or 1401 making it easy to stay on the bump. Turning and control are amazing for such a large wing, making downwind riding achievable for almost everyone. We feel it’s exactly the right time for this foil, offering a less torturous in-road on the downwind journey.

As a dock and pump wing, the Spitfire 1180 is easy and forgiving to start, fun and surprisingly nimble to play with, and as such, is rapidly becoming a favourite among our dock starting and pump team riders.

The Spitfire 1180 is a light-wind wing foiling and small/weak wave SUP weapon.

Front Wings

Span 1180 mm 1100 mm 1030 mm 960 mm
Surf. Proj. 1525 cm2 1398 cm2 1285 cm2 1175 cm2
Surf. Real. 1554 cm2 1423 cm2 1308 cm2 1196 cm2
Volume 1637 cm3 1406 cm3 1270 cm3 1142 cm3
Ratio 9.13 8.66 8.26 7.84
Chord 165 mm 160 mm 157 mm 154 mm
Span 900 mm 840 mm 780 mm 720 mm
Surf. Proj. 1080 cm2 988 cm2 886 cm2 801 cm2
Surf. Real. 1099 cm2 1006 cm2 902 cm2 815 cm2
Volume 1032 cm3 928 cm3 811 cm3 720 cm3
Ratio 7.25 7.14 6.87 6.47
Chord 151 mm 148 mm 145 mm 142 mm

AXIS. For wherever your foiling journey takes you.

From that first flight across a lake or harbour with a hand wing, or that initial lift off on a wave or behind a boat or ski, you’re hooked. Flying. Fast and free. Smooth and quiet. There’s no other feeling like it. And whether you foil across a number of water sports or prefer to focus your progression on one, AXIS will be with you every step of the way. Our range of masts, foils and fuselages is both extensive and inter-changeable, making it easy to maximise enjoyment and performance in your chosen foiling mode.

Inspired by a global community.

In every corner of the globe, passionate foil enthusiasts have discovered AXIS. They tell us our advanced foil design, precision engineering and stiffness of each connection point has enabled them to take their foiling to the next level, and the next. While we’re proud to have helped fuel these trail blazers’ passion for foiling, now they inspire us. Every day the feedback and ideas flow in from wake thieves in America’s lake country, prone foilers in Western Australia, SUP foilers in California or wingers in the islands and canals of Europe. These diverse inputs ensure our design and innovation process never stops or narrows in focus. After all, we want as many people in as many places as possible, to share our passion of foiling.

Experience and innovation.

Our New Zealand based design team of engineers, marine architects, foil scientists and board designers is led by Adrian Roper. Internationally renowned windsurf, kitesurf and now foil innovator with more than 40 years of design and manufacturing experience. He oversees an agile process of feedback, computer aided design and testing that sees new concepts and range additions taken to the beach virtually every week. After initial validation by the design group, the new design is then distributed among a wider rider team led by AXIS’ boss, Evan Mavridoglou, for feedback. And not just advance level riders either, because at the heart of the AXIS design philosophy, is that our equipment must be easy to ride as well as high performance. By the time an AXIS product reaches your retail store, you know it will be good.

Testimonies from Google

Super gear! I needed an ultra light and thin board with some scoop for salvaging touch and go. Thanks to Voga, I found what I needed.

-Sylvain M. - Montpellier

I had the opportunity to try the light wind board during an event organized by the Dock & Wing Foil Club Almanarre. Despite the high volume (90l), the board provides exceptional handling, it's compact and the volume is perfectly balanced for fast take-off.

- Fanny A. - Breizh

Tested behind a Mastercraft X-Star. The board is like a scalpel, incredible stiffness! Handling provides an immediate response. Our playground just took on another level! Great gear!

- Thomas H. - Metz

Very happy with my pump foil board thanks to its stiffness and design! I also tested the 90l wing foil board which provides easy take-off and lots of fun to downwind.

- Mickaël R. - Belfaux, CH

Anthony is super, listens to the client and provides good advice. The dock boards are amazing! Super light and look great! 100% Made in France is a definite plus.

- Augustin G. - Anglet

Super board for dock start made custom ultra light. Thank you Voga, I'm proud of my board!

- Victor V. - Hyères