Pourquoi des boîtiers US de foil full carbone?

Why go for full carbon foil mounts?

Voga Marine are deploying their unique aviation carbon foil housings on all of our wing foil, surf foil and downwind boards. A new state of the art to replace plastic US rails, a widely used standard which does the job but has structural flaws.

They sought to provide a more precise, more incisive riding experience and to ease take-off and touch-and-go by increasing the overall stiffness of our boards.  

The housings made directly from a block of machined high-density PVC contribute to the structural integrity of the board. Here, the PVC block does not constitute a simple reinforcement for plastic rails but constitutes the double US box itself.

This block is attached to a beam linked to the deck sandwich forming an extremely rigid IPN structure, which secures all the mechanical stress points of the board. The system is closed by a 6mm infused carbon plate made from Airbus fabrics, normally used to hold the wings of airliners. 

Your movements are thus transmitted to the foil without latency, the response is immediate, a considerable advantage in carving, freestyle, racing and certainly in pumping.

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